MC Nuffy demands money and apology from Spice

The lawyer for MC Nuffy says his client will be pressing for an apology and monetary compensation from entertainer Spice, who made some shocking allegations against the popular selector last week.

“We want an apology, but compensation is something we are very interested in as well. I believe his reputation has been tarnished both locally and abroad,” Nuffy’s lawyer” -Ludlow Black


Referencing Spice’s Instagram audience which numbers in excess of one million, Black said that MC Nuffy has suffered reputation damage.

“He has strong grounds for a case not just regular grounds. It’s very clear because Spice made two significant remarks,” -Black said.

Spice and MC Nuffy are opposites in a feud that has carried on for years.
Black rationalised that in line with the serious accusations, Spice proffered no proof and the claims are defamatory.

“For me, it’s straightforward defamation of character, which doesn’t need to prove damages. He has a strong case for slander,” -Black said.

Having met with MC Nuffy, Black said they have mapped a clear path to a resolution.

“The first thing that came up in our discussion was the issue of an apology. That would be the starting point, and then we decipher how to proceed,” he said.



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