MC Nuffy to Make Sting Return after 5 Year Absence

Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 3:12 PM

Veteran Jamaican master of ceremony, MC Nuffy reveals that he will be present at Sting 2024 after sorting out visa issues. Anticipation is high for Sting 2024 with the show scheduled to run for three days, it was previously a one-night show.

According to MC Nuffy whose birth name is Andre Nelson, he is upbeat about this year’s show after missing the event for five years. The flamboyant MC also disclosed that he will be honoured at this year’s show which will also be his first major appearance on the island in years. He will be crowned as ‘The King of all MCs’.


Former Sting promoter Isaiah Laing had promised to recognise Nuffy‘s contributions once his travel restrictions were lifted. “Laing told me, ‘Nuffy, when you get back your wings and you can fly, I’m going to honour you because you deserve it.’ This year, I’ve got my wings back, so I’m ready to fly again,” Nuffy shared, expressing his excitement to the Jamaica Star.

MC Nuffy has been a fixture at Sting since 1999 and believes he brings unparalleled energy to Dancehall and Reggae music. He emphasised his dedication to the craft, often prioritising his performance over financial gains.

However, before taking the stage again in Jamaica, Nuffy outlines that his first visit will be to his mother. “I really miss my mother. We only talk on FaceTime, but I need to see her in person. She’s been my biggest motivator. Plus, I have my little daughter in Jamaica too,” he added.

MC Nuffy also praised the new format of Sting, which has expanded to a three-night event. “I commend the organisers for this movement. It’s important to support the youth as they are the future, and I am excited to help push and motivate this new format,” he concluded in the interview with Jamaica Star.

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