MC Nuffy Writes Lengthy Message to Spice

Popular Jamaican Master of Ceremonies, MC Nuffy took to social media on Sunday to share his current feelings towards his former associate Spice. Both Spice and MC Nuffy have had a turbulent relationship over the years, with the two not seeing “eye to eye” for the most part.

Notably, about 5 years ago, Spice made several damning remarks about MC Nuffy during a live chat, on the other hand, MC Nuffy has lashed out at her several times online and takes “credit” for bringing her into the dancehall business. He has also bashed her for not giving him credit over the years.


The fact that Spice and D’Angel plus Spice and Shenseea reunited recently, after beefing in the media. Seemingly, MC Nuffy is looking for a reunion between the two too or at least a mutual relationship.

He wrote the following as caption for a video he shared of a female dancing to one of Spice’s songs, “A My Student I build her from nothing to something my Heart ❤️ always there for her although we don’t see eye to eye jus ina mi hotel and my mind run pan har hope u ok anyweh u deh Gracie a jus love ❤️ and manner jus want you to know my heart ❤️ full a love and happiness long life and prosperity.”

He continued, “My mother teach me to love all if you’re not been loved 🥰 even the ones who you love don’t return your love. I jus want to let you know my heart ❤️ is free and I wish you nothing but happiness long life and prosperity for you and your kids.”

Nuffy concluded his long statement by saying, ” I have the best mother in the world she teach me well. She say son there a time when to let go and be free and let go negative to get positive. Hope you read and understand that me Mc Nuffy as no more beef or am vex over situation it’s jus love Grace am free. I like this song bless up yuh Dyam self Portmore and jamaica Dancehall Queen 👸 Spice @queenchipsta.”

Check out his statement below:

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