Meet Jamaican Patois Talking Kevin Hart aka ‘Island Dave’ – Video

Kevin Hart, the American actor is vacationing in the Bahamas and soaking up the island vibes with his wife and children as he shares yoga sessions and the days of “fun fun fun”, which also includes, snorkelling with the Sharks at Compass Cay, tennis and jet skiing.

The Comedian’s moniker “Island Dave” is perfect for his channel as he never wears shirts, loves talking Jamaican patois and eating steam fish and okra.

He posted his boat ride on July 20, he was talking his best Jamaican slangs and saying curse words like ‘rassclaat’ and “bumbo” while playing ‘Flex time to have Sex’ the Mad Cobra hit song. It seems he is in need of a bit more coaching.

Eniko Hart, his wife, who is of Jamaican descent warned him when he goes overboard with the cussing. Even though she found it to be hilarious.

He was using other words like ‘bax yu dung’ and ‘suk yu moda’ as he worked on his ‘Island Boy’ image.

Check him out below.

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