Members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force Cautioned

April 25, 2021

The Police High Command, warned members of the (JCF) Jamaica Constabulary Force about posting lewd videos and images on the internet. Recently the image of the force has been tarnished because of three senior female officers. They were warned that they might be prosecuted for these offences in the future.

A statement was directed to all the officers, when the Police high command expressed a lot of concern about the way police officers are tarnishing the force’s reputation after a female inspector and two female officer’s images and names were attached to pornographic videos that were seen on social media.


The matter is being investigated because it is clear that the women in the videos and the images online are not the police officers that were mentioned.

Under section 9 of the cybercrime act any officer found guilty of circulating the lewd material can be charged internally.

The Police High Command is also warning the public that anyone who is found using electronic devices to send these posts to another person on social media sites or in any other way online, in order to harm someone. They are committing a criminal offence and can be charged.


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