Men Marry in Portland, Jamaica

August 9, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]A wedding that is not in alignment with the charter of fundamental rights and freedoms for Jamaica allegedly took place somewhere in Portland on July 28. 

The individual who saw when it took place has decided to remain anonymous. However, they reported that all the approximately 60 guests were asked to sign an agreement that stated that they would not be taking photos of the ceremony before they were escorted by hushers to their seats. 


It is clear that the organizers knew that marriage in Jamaica should be between a woman and a man, so they maintained a certain level of secrecy.

The witness who reported the information said, both men where wearing Tuxedos during the ceremony and then changed into gowns, that were like Muslim attire afterward; but the person who officiated did not seem to be a Minister of Religion. 

A Minister of Religions has said he will be giving up his license to marry couples if Gay marriage becomes legal in Jamaica. At this time no one knows if the Gay couple got a legal document to prove that they are married, but there are a lot of persons in Jamaica who are totally against Gay Marriage.


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