Mentally Ill Man Performs Acrobatics on Light Wires in St. Andrew – Watch Videos

A video of a man said to be mentally ill was captured sitting atop a light post after climbing his way up. The video is circulating on social media as a part of a long-standing joke among Jamaicans called ‘on the next episode of Jamaica is not a real place.’

The video clip shows a man wearing a blue shirt, jeans shorts, and sneakers sitting at the very top of the post that held up electric wires as bystanders scrambled to catch a video. According to the clip, the incident took place in Rock Hall, St. Andrew.

A second video shows the same location but it is unknown if it is the same man. This individual was shirtless but wearing a hat and a pair of white pants. He started to perform some simple acrobatics on the light wires themselves by walking along the wires as if on a tight rope, but holding on to prevent a fall, and then he grabbed two of the wires and let go to hang in the air before letting go and freefalling to the ground.

Watch the videos below:

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