“Mi Nuh Have a Clue u Zimi” Nklyne Talks About His Mother’s Death – Video

Monday, November 8, 2021, 5:35 PM

Youtuber Nklyne took to youtube on Monday to express his feelings about his mother’s death and what to expect going forward. According to Nklyne who is also a dancehall artiste, he hopes the police take the matter seriously and hopefully bring the culprit to justice. He also outlined that he does not believe in jungle justice and does not have a clue why nor who did the gruesome act to his mother, “mi nuh have a clue u zimi,” he stated.

Nklyne also seeks to clear up rumours about himself or one of his brothers getting in trouble which leads to their mother’s death, he dismissed such claims detailing that he does not know of his brothers nor his mother being “mix up” and having issues with others, he also explained that he does not know if it was one person or multiple persons who carried out the evil act on his mother.


Watch his statement on the matter below.

According to her common-law husband who survived the attack, the couple was at home on Friday evening when a man kicked off the door to their one-bedroom dwelling, tied them up and demanded money, after the money he requested was not given, the attacker brought the couple outside into bushes where the common-law husband was beaten and pretended to be dead.

Lorna was reportedly then taken to another area in the bushes where she was killed.

The common-law-husband managed to get back to the house and called the police minutes after 9 PM on Friday night. The police appeared on the scene after the call, moments later Nklyne went live on IG to break the news, however, there was no report of her death at the time.

The police later found the lifeless body of Lorna Lake in the bushes, took her to the hospital where she was pronounced dead.

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