MiamiVicee Plans To “End Dem”

Young Dancehall artiste MiamiVicee is looking to make a statement to his enemies with his fresh new track “End dem”, which he presents to the world with a music video. The official film for the song starts by showing the house of one of the entertainer’s friends being shot up in a drive-by after which, the artiste was given a call to help resolve the issue.

The song starts with a chorus that MiamiVicee uses to make clear his intentions of emptying a clip in his enemies face, further making it known that his methods of attack do not include a driveby, instead he rather do the damage by stepping out of the car and utilizing his guns.


In the verse the lyricist, made a couple of points to say why he decided to “End dem”, inclusive of the fact that his enemies are not evil, they have not killed anyone.

With that being said MiamiVicee then goes on to give a graphic account of what takes place when he makes his move such as, the heart of the person being cut out, their head top being torn off, after which he gives his dogs the body parts for a good meal.

The “fi real” artiste, uses the second verse to solidify the point of him being a war machine by explaining that once the alarm is sounded he is on the battlefield well oiled up and ready.

Being the war God that he is, sleeping beside his rifle is something MiamiVicee finds comfort in so whenever he draws on it there is no option of begging for please, as he only has a heart for the body of the person to be wrapped up in a sheet since he aims to properly “End dem”.

The song is now available on all digital platforms, and the artiste can be followed on social media @miamivicee.

Watch the official music video below for “End Dem”.

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