Michael Jordan Donates 2 Million Dollars to Charity

Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 7:18 PM

Michael Jordan has made a charitable effort in ending hunger across the United States, as he recently donated 2 million dollars to the food banks in the Carolinas and Chicago.

The proceeds came from Jordan’s Netflix Feature, “The Last Dance” documentary and will help people across America in a big way, as Covid-19 has made food situations difficult.


Michael Jordan is very happy about the donation and posted his gratitude on Twitter recently.

The largest network of Food Banks In the United States, called “Feeding America”, was very ecstatic about the good deed of the former NBA player, and was thankful for the donation.

Earlier this year, Michael Jordan, decided that over the next decade he would be pledging 100 million dollars to help end discrimination where race is concerned.

A Lot of people will surely benefit from Jordan’s proceeds, and hopefully many will see a different reality based on the moves of the NBA King.

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