Michael Manley Wouldn’t Want To Be Beside Edward Seaga On Same $2000 Banknote Says Ex-Wife

The announcement of the new banknotes triggered many controversies, one of which spoke about the two former prime ministers, Michael Manley and Edward Seaga, being on the $2000 banknote, even though they were rivals.

Beverly Manley, the former wife of Michael Manley, spoke with the gleaner about what she believes her husband would think about being placed next to Seaga.


“I feel as strongly about it as I think he would’ve felt about it,” she explained and added that Manley and Seaga didn’t talk to each other.

“After that promise, Seaga made about the voting list and he would not have any more elections, whatever, and he did not keep his promise, I don’t think they ever spoke at all,” she stated.

According to Beverly Manley’s statements, the only form of communication Michael Manley had with Seaga was through Hugh Shearer, who was the third Prime Minister of Jamaica. Michael gave Shearer messages to tell Seaga and Shearer was completely ok with doing that.

She went on to explain that if the government was truly “authentic about unity” they wouldn’t have printed the two of the opposing men on the banknote. She suggested that the better way to go about it would’ve been to first demonstrate the unity forming within the existing parties, and show that they are “listening” to each other.

Beverly Manley confidently stated that the Michael Manley she knew during her marriage would not have liked the new bank currency.

“He would’ve seen it as hypocritical and inauthentic,” she added.


She had also described her feelings towards the new currency money as “nauseating”.

Watch Beverly Manley’s interview below.

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