Minister Of Finance Dr Nigel Clarke Announces Rebranded Banknotes And New $2000 Bill

March 8, 2022

The 2022-2023 National debate was this Tuesday concluded and Dr Nigel Clarke the Minister of Finance and Public Service was the one to do it and he made a revelation that will seek to increase the efficiency of how transactions are done in Jamaica.

 As a point of information, and a point of hope for the hardworking citizens of the country, the Finance Minister outlined that the National budget will have no new taxes. In addition to that good news, Dr Clarke revealed that Jamaica’s banknotes will be rebranded and as such the Minister unveiled their new look and the new notes that will be introduced.


The Finance Minister announced that a $2000 bill will now be a part of the group of banknotes available for transactional use. This specific banknote will feature both Michael Manley and Edward Seaga, two of Jamaica’s most honoured Prime Ministers.

For the $50 banknote, it will feature the faces of National Heroes Paul Bogle and George William Gordon while the $100 will have only the face of Marcus Garvey printed on it.

For the $500 banknote, the faces printed on it will be National Heroine Nanny of the Maroon and that of National hero Sam Sharp, while the $1000 will feature the faces of former Prime Minister Alexander Bustamante and Norman Manley.

The $5000 bill will maintain the face of Hugh Shearer with the addition of the face of former Prime Minister Donald Sangster.

Check out the new banknotes below.



The rebranded banknotes and the new one(2000) according to Dr Nigel Clarke will be available to the public in the latter part of this year and he also made it known that 200 million dollars have also been set aside to grant one-off $10,000 payments to families impacted by inflation who has been deemed the neediest.

Check out his speech about the new banknotes below.

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