Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr. at The Staples Center Tonight

November 28, 2020 4:08 PM

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr., will face off today for the first time, and it will be one of the biggest events slated to keep this year.

The last time Tyson has been in the ring was, in the year 2005, where he lost his last fight against Kevin Mcbride, regardless of being referred to as the “baddest man” on the planet.


The match will be in the form of an 8 round exhibition face-off, that will be judged by the WBC. The boxers will be judged in terms of technique, style, effective punching, aggression and defence.

Both fighters will use 12-ounce gloves without protection.

Each round will be 2 minutes, and since the match is beyond the professional level at this point, the WBC has crafted a unique belt for the fight.

Mike Tyson, is well known as the all-time undisputed heavyweight champion, with a record of 50 wins with 4 losses and 44 knockouts, while Roy Jones Jr., is a former world champion with an impressive 66 wins to 9 losses.

Roy Jones Jr. Is ecstatic about the fight and says he is grateful for the experience of going in the ring with Mike Tyson before he dies, and will show everyone who is the best.

The event had been sanctioned by the California State Athletic Commission and will take place at the Staples Centre at 9 pm today.


The match can be watched using pay per view, for only $50 and the proceeds will be donated to help fight human trafficking and breast cancer.

See the preview for the fight below.



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