Minister Babsy Grange Orders Kanye West to Stop selling Jamaican Merch

When Minister Grange found out that Kanye West and his team had items of clothing with Jamaica’s emblems and national symbols printed on them, being sold online she was not pleased with the idea.

At first, she had noticed that the members of the group that was on stage were wearing the items, which included caps, hoodies and T-Shirts and thought they were the only ones who had them, as the performed at the “Sunday Service” free concert in Kingston, Jamaica.


However, when she discovered the website on which they were being sold and heard that there were vendors who were selling them as well, she realized that there was a breach of copyright and as the Minister of Culture Gender Entertainment and Sports.

She spoke about her concerns and how she had started setting up a committee to devise a strategy to deal with the proper use of Jamaica’s emblems and symbols but when there was a change of Government and nothing was done to protect them after that.

The office of the Prime Minister, Jamaica Intellectual Property Office and the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports will now be united in developing the strategy now.

The concert was a success and persons are now watching to see if the items will be removed from the website.

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