Minister Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn Highlights that Jamaica is One of the Top Countries Where Men Prey on Women – See Posts

Tuesday, February 14, 2023, 12:20 PM

As the public outcry for more to be done to protect women from violence continues, State Minister in the Ministry of Health and Wellness, Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn, has called for a spotlight to be placed on males who prey on women in Jamaica.

Violence against women has become a consistent and worrisome staple in Jamaican headlines. The deaths and disappearances of women such as Jasmine Deen, Aneka “Slickianna” Townsend, Khanice Jackson, and Donna-Lee Donaldson gripped the nation, leaving Jamaican citizens from all factors of society calling for an end to the targeting of vulnerable women.


Townsend, Jackson, and Donaldson were all allegedly murdered by men close to them, an alarming scenario that continues to plague the nation amid an already problematic crime rate. State minister Cuthbert-Flynn is primarily responsible for HIV prevention, the reduction of drug abuse, and women’s maternal health, however, she has raised her voice in the past regarding other issues affecting women, such as violence.

In a tweet on Monday, Cuthbert-Flynn noted the country’s high rate of femicide and called for more attention to be placed on the predators.

“Jamaica has the highest rate of femicide in the world & one of the highest intimate partner violence. We must place the spotlight on men in our society who believe we are their property,” Cuthbert-Flynn stated.

In 2018, the state minister expressed her conviction that there was a cultural acceptance of domestic violence in Jamaica. According to data collected from 2021 and earlier by the World Population Review, Jamaica ranked third in femicide rates around the world among 104 other countries whose data was provided. Jamaica was placed just below Antigua and Barbuda, which ranked second, and El Salvador, which topped the list. Venezuela and the Central African Republic rounded out the top five.

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Some Twitter users have agreed with Cuthbert-Flynn, while others questioned the numbers or expressed that more nuance was needed to understand the issue completely. Multiple commentators questioned the veracity of Cuthbert-Flynn’s outrage over violence against women, pointing out that the minister had not spoken out against disgraced member of parliament George Wright.

Wright was removed from the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) after he was accused of abusing his common-law wife.

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