MP Juliet Cuthbert Opens Up To Terminating A Pregnancy in Abortion Debate

April 12, 2019 12:19 PM

Jamaica News, While the act of having an abortion in Jamaica is currently illegal a hand full of persons are currently debating the matter in Jamaica’s Parliament and one name that stands out in the debate is Jamaican Olympian Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn who a couple days ago gave her personal experience on the touchy matter.

Cuthbert-Flynn opens up to having an abortion at age 19 because had she went through with the pregnancy, she could have gotten blind or worse yet lost her life. The member of parliament for West Rural St Andrew Juliet went on to give birth to 2 children even though she was told back then that it was unlikely that she would have a child in the future.


The former national sprinter went on to explain that she was suffering from a brain tumour that had her going in and out of the hospital frequently “I would have gone blind. I was 19, and I had to have surgery”, also ” I was passing out every week – fainting, dropping down on the track, ending up in the hospital on a drip” she told Parliament’s Human Resources and Social Development Committee.

The female MP was in debate with The Jamaica Anti-abortion movements, also referred to as pro-life movements, Juliet Cuthbert raises the point that if a person carry out an abortion, that don’t mean that they are not for life as stated by Carole Bridge who’s apart of the Anti-abortion movements, “It doesn’t mean as you state that you chose life because you are for life. I think people who have abortions, it’s not that they’re not for life why they choose to have an abortion, it is possibly their circumstance why they chose to have an abortion, and that person was me at age 19,” said Cuthbert-Flynn.

On the other hand Carole Bridge explained going through similar tumour issues while she was pregnant and was advised to have an abortion too however she went through with her pregnancy and 9 months later gave birth to a healthy baby, she explains that she herself got better after the pregnancy. she states “discussions with the doctor proved to be even more dire, regarding the medical outcome of keeping my child. Yet, nine months later, I delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl,”.

In ending Cuthbert-Flynn stated that “This was a life-saving effort for me” and that she was not going to risk her life over something she’s not certain about.

Cuthbert-Flynn gave birth to her first child, her son Troy at age 25, she also gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at age 50. Cuthbert reportedly had a miss-carriage In 2010.

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