Minister Marion Hall Sends “Holy Ghost Missiles” after Spice and RT Boss – Video

Saturday, December 26, 2020, 12:06 PM GMT-5

Jamaican music is getting more interesting than expected going into 2021, as the former Queen of Dancehall, now Gospel artiste, Minister Marion Hall has decided to launch what she calls “Holy Ghost missiles” after Spice, and her Alleged Obeah man RT Boss who accused her of previously sending ghosts to haunt the Graci Noir CEO.

The veteran artiste, now Minister, first addressed the matter in high spirits in a video where she announced an upcoming song entitled, “Mi soon alright” which she previewed.


The little piece she performed, had fans burning up the comments because they got to hear a voice that was missing from the music space for a while in a new and improved manner.

The former Queen of the Dancehall later did a live stream video, that saw her doing more parts of “Mi soon alright”. Some of the lyrics were ” Dem say mi pop dung but mi soon alright, say nuh money Nah run but mi soon alright”.

She continued by introducing a new set of lyrics, which stated: “From mi born mi nuh go Obeah man, nuh inna ntn wid no Obeah man when mi sees dem mi say go suh Obeah Man”.

Many are interpreting these lyrics as a direct strike on RT Boss and Spice combined with the fact that Minister Hall jokingly asked, why they did not let the lion sleep, further commenting “Yuh see how me give up di stage an tek up di pulpit? Wah unnu go trouble di church lady fah?”.

It was at this point she called the potent words “Holy Ghost missiles”.

Back in the days, Lady Saw was one of the fiercest female Dancehall artistes in the business, and her style and skill allowed her to even be in a class of comparison with the male Deejays of that time.

Watch her in action below.

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