Miss Kitty Says She Didn’t Date One 1 Can and She Might Sue

One1Can, whose given name is Milton Wray, fiercely put himself into the spotlight as he dashed out some comments that were not very nice while he was doing an interview for an online blog. He spoke about dating Khadine ‘Miss Kitty’ Hylton who is the multi-talented emcee, radio and TV personality, author, motivational speaker and attorney-at-law.

Milton could possibly face a lawsuit, as an ultimatum was given to him in a letter signed by law firm, Wilkinson Law. He was told to apologise and get the damaging article removed or he will be taken to court; if there is not a written apology and a declaration is not given by him, and the article was not taken off by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, April 23, 2021- Jamaica time. They wrote that they would file proceedings in the Supreme Court on their client’s behalf without further reference to Wray.

The reason for the threatening letter to be sent, stemmed from comments made by One 1Can about a date he allegedly went on with Khadine.

The letter stated that there was never any date between their client and him at Peppers or anywhere else as he alleged, and the comments gave an impression that is adverse to Miss Kitty.

Many recording artistes have used various ways to attract attention to themselves over the years so they can get better sales for their music and or popularity, but Wray believes he is already popular and doesn’t need to use ant tactics.

Earlier One1Can also expressed that Miss Kitty’s narrow outlook on life is only fuelling a war between the sexes and he thinks women should be willing to grow with their life partners, and Miss Kitty’s way of thinking should be pushed aside by people in the society. He thinks her plans are insincere and he is glad they didn’t get to be a happy couple.

Read more from his initial comments about Miss Kitty via the link below.

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