Miss Rhona Tells Popcaan To “Roll Wid The Chalice Mek Wi Burn It” In Leaked Voice Note

Wednesday, July 13, 2022, 5:07 PM GMT-5

Popcaan and as social media has come to know, his mother Miss Rhona, a God-fearing, devoted Christian who is also a pastor share a special bond and this is seen when oftentimes their fun-loving relationship, one that is filled with laughter and even what some might say…provocation is shared to the media.

In a leaked voice note, the “Unruly Boss” is heard taunting his mother, but this time, he is making mention of them both smoking marijuana together. He even goes further to ask her if he should bring the chalice (a type of cannabis smoking pipe).

“Me and u can bun the biggest ganja spliff when me roll over deh den, weh yuh seh roll wid d chalice to?” Popcaan says.

Seemingly in a good mood to entertain his usual games with her, Miss Rhona laughs and says “Yes Pops, roll wid the chalice mek wi burn it”.

Listen to the audio recording below:

Popcaan and Miss Rhona’s voice note

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