Mom gets 1.5 Million After Doctors fail to Spot Spinal Condition that stop her from having Orgasm

June 21, 2018

[Sharingbuttons]Ginny Atchison was left with numbness in her groin and an inability to have an orgasm after her condition which is called Cauda Equina was not diagnosed by the doctors and she is very upset about her inability to experience sexual pleasure anymore.

Her problem could be treated and the condition would have gone away if it was diagnosed properly and treated early. The 45 year old woman with the problem, Ginny has a son and is now single, but she had no plans to remain that way and misses the ability to enjoy intimacy.


She was unable to exercise and gained a lot of weight after her injury, this severely affected self esteem but she managed to lose the weight after some time. Now she can only walk for short distances and she wears a catheter at all times.

Her relationship with the partner she had at the time when she discovered her problems came to an end, even though they are still close friends.


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