More Murders, Less Rapes this year when Compared to Last Year

December 17, 2019

36 more people have been murdered this year when compared to the same period last year, this has resulted in an increase of a little over 3%.

There were more states of emergencies this year when compared to last year. There were States of Emergencies in Hanover, St. James, Westmoreland, Clarendon and the other in the St. Andrew South police division.


1073 murders were reported in Jamaica from January to December and only 486 of the total murders were cleared up. 36 more persons were murdered this year so far.

2019 will be closing in approximately 2 weeks and these numbers are reflecting the reports from January 1 to December 14.

Shootings are up by almost 9 %
Rape is down by almost 3 %
Aggravated assault down by 5 %
Robberies, Break-ins and larceny are up by 5 %

Arrests have been the lowest in 4 years, over 12500 persons were arrested almost 240 less people were arrested with evidence.

Roughly 8.5% shootings were reported more than last year
Arrests have decreased, over 12500 arrests were recorded
Fewer firearms have been seized, but ammunition seizure have been up
Close to 640 guns and 13800 ammunitions were seized



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