More Than 10 People Arrested for Not Wearing Masks

There was a joint operation between the police, the Maypen Municipal Corporation and the Transport Authority and a strong warning was given to people who refuse to wear masks in public spaces. Special emphasis was placed on the enforcement of the Disaster Risk Management Act.

It is believed that the impact of the virus on the health sector and the economy can be reduced when the act is enforced.

The Clarendon police are not letting up on people in the parish and Maypen was where the operation took place. A truck was provided to take those in breach to the Police Station.

Under the act people can be arrested and charged for not wearing masks when they are among others and in the near future there will be a ticketing system and people will pay a fine of $5000 whenever they are charged by the police.

There have been 2500 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Clarendon and 5 deaths.

The authorities want the people in that parish to understand that they are putting themselves at risk and not only that they can cause the health sector to collapse when there are too many Covid patients who need healthcare.

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