More Women Flock River Rafting for Limestone Massage – Watch Videos

Wednesday, August 23, 2023, 8:00 AM

River rafting has definitely become one of the most popular attractions during the summer, with tourists flocking to the bamboo rafts for a rejuvenating limestone massage. The Limestone Massage’s rise in popularity has resulted in many videos circulating, showing the various experiences the travellers have.

With the exception of one bad experience wherein a female client was injured while getting a massage, the surfacing videos continue to show women having an amazing time along the river.


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In one of the new videos, multiple women were sitting and lying on bamboo rafts while rafters applied limestone to their bodies. Music blasted in the background, conversations floated in the air, and a woman burst out laughing, which created a cheerful scene.

Watch the video below:

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Another video showed a female client laughing, completely enjoying her butt being massaged and jiggled by the rafter, who shared both videos on Instagram.

Watch the video below:

The rafter, Claudious Bryan, also explained to his 18.3K followers in the caption that the limestone massage was harder to do than pushing the rafts along the river. His page, which boasts many rafting clips, showed more women relaxing under the skilful hands of their rafters.

Watch the video below:


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