Most Popular Sports In India In 2021

Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 1:45 PM

Sport is always cool and useful for this. 2021 will be the next test for the world in new realities and therefore you need to spend it with a good charge for your physical and moral health. Indians are conscious smart people who understand that sports can help develop when they practice. Many sports attract people from all over for their outdoor play and energy. The competitive spirit of the players, especially outdoors, helps to take a break from the routine and add activity to life. In addition, it is pleasant and exciting to watch other people doing sports, especially professional athletes.

India is one of the leading and most developed countries in Asia and the world in the development of sports. Here sport becomes cult and is highly regarded among the main interests of the local population. The variety of sporting events and Indian tastes, combined with their deep cultural traditions, lead to the emergence of many sports. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular sports that are loved in India and that will be in sight for the whole of 2021.



India is a country where sport is able to be cult and highly regarded among the main interests and objects of adoration. In this country, different games are played every day. In addition, sports lovers love to watch their favorites play. Mostly Indians love to play and follow the events in sports such as football, tennis, badminton, hockey, baseball, horse racing, kabaddi and golf. But the most favorite sport in India is definitely cricket. This game has become a popular entertainment for a wide range of people.

Cricket became a widely popular sport in India quickly and effectively. Children and adults, regardless of gender, caste and faith, are interested in this. Small children begin to play in the yard, and from them the future champions and players of the Indian national cricket team grow up. The national team is the pride of all residents of the country, and cricket players are heroes and leaders. Let’s take a closer look at why cricket is so popular among Indians and why people consider it their national sport.

Cricket is a simple and affordable sport for Indians. Amateurs can start playing whenever they like with at least two batsmen and a ball. This is enough for a certain experience of the people of India, who, with a special desire, can join the game or watch others play it, having received a certain charge of emotions. So in most cases, the love of cricket is born and develops thanks to the physical parameters and capabilities of the Indians. Genetics and tradition have made people who they are, and that’s a fact, as well as cricket. The Indians have enough strength and physical fitness to practice this sport both at the amateur level and in professional competitions.

The infrastructure of cricket is up to standard in India. There are many cricket training centers in the country where children and adults can train and become professionals. Young people can become cricket stars at the level of India or the whole world by being born in the provinces without initially unknown conditions for success. Experienced coaches can help develop strength and develop the right tactical skills for the future growth of athletes.

Professional cricketers have even more options. They have all the technique and stronger colleagues at their disposal. The level of training and the availability of all the amenities make Indian athletes very strong. Almost every state in India has at least one decent site, so we can safely say that everything is in order with the infrastructure in India.

Famous world-class cricket players who inspire people directly influence the popularity of cricket. India has provided the world with many outstanding athletes. Many Indians, thanks to the performances of their idols, also strive to become part of the national sport and become heroes at the level of their compatriots. They are inspired by these athletes and also dream of competing to defend the Indian flag. Indian cricket fans take pride in glorious heroes. For example, Sachin Tendulkar is known in India and beyond as the God of Cricket. Sunil Gavaskar is one of the most popular and high-ranking players from India. His technique against fast bowlers made him extremely popular. Yuvraj Singh impressed everyone with his universalism. Saurav Ganguly is the true Dada of Indian cricket and Virat Kohli is known as the rising star of cricket.

IPL (Indian Premier League) status is important to the prestige of cricket. It is the most popular T20 league in the world. The IPL has helped cricket develop more vigorously and penetrate all states and the hearts of fans. IPL is becoming more and more popular every year, and it is impossible to stop this process. As well as financial attractiveness. The popularity of cricket in India is directly related to money. The players have a definitely good income at the professional level. Therefore, most people thinking about a professional sports career choose cricket.

Other sports

It is also important to remember that not everything is limited to cricket in India. Other sports are worth mentioning in the 2021 perspective. They have a chance to be in sight, because they are quite popular among fans from India. Aside from sports, the sports betting industry in India will be booming in 2021, so it is also worth mentioning.


Football is the most popular sport in the world, but not in India. The number one sport has not spread to India as globally as one might expect. Formally, this sport is inferior to cricket and possibly kabaddi and horse racing. The national team and local clubs are not very successful, so this negatively affects the popularity. Indian footballers also cannot be called world-class athletes, but they are still considered not the worst in Asia.

The Indian Super League was formed as an unrecognized professional league with eight teams to promote Indian football in the country only in 2013. But it was only after the fifth season that he was recognized as the top national football league in India. Obviously, football in India is slowly but surely developing. The growth process of the Indian Super League can be seen every year and in 2021 it will gather more audience at least in front of TV screens. In addition to ISL, Indians watch world competitions such as the European and Asian Champions League, the Chinese Super League, and so on. In 2021, India will strive to make its national football more popular with the right system for developing football talent and overwhelming support for football in India by local authorities. Everything seems to work out the best way with enough progress.


Kabaddi is definitely one of the three most popular sports in India. In a very short period of time, Kabaddi gained immense popularity among the Indians and made them love this game. The breakthrough came in the past decade when the Kabaddi professional league kicked off. Almost the entire country is involved in the monitoring of events in the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). Kabaddi is better known in certain parts of India such as North India, South India and states like Maharashtra and Karnataka. Most of the players are from Haryana. The Indian national team is the heroes of the local public, as the team wins titles in all Asian cups and world championships.

This game requires a lot of athleticism, reflexes and stamina that are inherent in the Indians. Young players first gain experience at different levels of the state, country, university or zone, then move on to the national, and maybe even to the international level. There are two varieties of kabaddi – Standard style and Round style. The standard version of kabaddi is more popular, the rules are suitable for international competitions. Moreover, additional rules are used in the Pro Kabaddi League. The style of the circle provides for four main types of kabaddi recognized by the Indian Federation of Amateurs. In 2021, Kabaddi will definitely develop regardless of the pandemic influence. The Indian mentality will help this sport spread within India, and possibly even outside the country.

Horse racing

Horse racing is undoubtedly one of the most fun and exciting sports for fans from India. Horse racing attracts unpredictable turns of events and phenomenal plots, as well as instantaneous results. Viewers can get a tremendous charge of positive emotions. Horse racing has become a popular sport in India over the past two centuries. Currently, there are nine racetracks in India, which are operated by six Indian authorities. Racetracks are located in Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Otakamund.

The sheer number of horse racing fans in India calls for a variety of equestrian competitions that Indians can watch. Indian Derby is a very large horse racing competition in India. It is usually held on the first Sunday in February at the Mumbai Racetrack for four-year-old foals and mares. Indian 1000 Guineas is a race held in December in Mumbai for three year old mares. Indian 2000 Guineas is the Indian version of the popular English Guinea 2000 Guineas, which is also held in December in Mumbai for 3 year old mares and foals. Obstacle jumping involves a distance with many obstacles such as fences, ditches or water. This type of horse race is the most unpredictable, because it is difficult to predict who will best cope with obstacles. Endurance is a form of horse racing where the speed of the horse does not play the first role as in other types. Here the main goal is to get to the finish line, and this is not surprising, because the longest distances reach 1000 kilometers.


In recent years, badminton has become a sport with an unprecedented rise in popularity in India. World superstars like Saina Nehwal, P.V. Sindhu, Kidambi Shrikanth helped develop badminton as an attractive sport. India’s connection with the game of badminton goes back to ancient times. In fact, India has played an important role in badminton, which has become a world famous sport. The Badminton Association of India (BAI) was founded in 1899, six years after the Badminton Association of England (BAE). It is one of the oldest badminton governing bodies in the world.

Badminton in India has always been a great entertainment as well as a fitness option for people. When it comes to health, sports, starting with young children, children, youth, adults and seniors, are the best choice. In India, sports are also a centuries old tradition. Badminton has experienced a major upswing since the 2000s. Badminton in India manages to have a strong group of dedicated followers. Although it is an indoor game, badminton is also played outdoors in India due to the lack of indoor space. Badminton is regarded as a serious professional sport in India today. The Regional Level, National Level and the Yonex India Super Series, along with the BWF World Tour, are now an annual event on the badminton sports calendar. Such events are periodically held to reveal new talents. In 2021, badminton in India will definitely rise one more level.


The face of the Indian sports industry is of great interest to both people and young athletes. Among them, tennis is a sport that has taken its own niche and is flourishing in all respects. The origins of tennis in India date back to the days of British colonialism. Tennis has been a popular sport in England since the late 1800s and the British army and civilian officers brought the game to India. In the 2000s, Sania Mirza became the first Indian to win a WTA tournament. She also gained popularity through outstanding performances in the youth competitions of the International Tennis Federation. She won Wimbledon as well as the 2015 US Open. Another prominent name among the leading Indian tennis players is Rohan Bopanna. Rohan won the 2017 French Open Mixed Doubles, 16 ATP Tour Doubles titles and is consistently in the top 15. He also achieved success in the 2017 Grand Slam tournaments as a mixed doubles player.

Popularity due to the successes of compatriots has led to the fact that tennis in India is very popular, especially in urban areas. The media availability and coverage of various national and international tennis matches and tournaments on digital platforms and coverage has grown exponentially due to the huge demand for curiosity among the people around. Tennis players enter the world stage to showcase their talent, and spectators get the opportunity to more actively engage in their favorite sports. In 2021, there is every chance to see new faces from India, who will glorify the country in international competitions.

Sports betting

Sports betting and games are becoming very popular around the world during this nasty coronavirus pandemic. India is keeping up with the worldwide quarantine trend. But the good thing is that although the rules of legality do not sound very clear in India, Indians know that sports betting can be done with the help of a number of resources that are present in the Indian market. The betting industry is keeping up with the times and therefore offering online betting websites and apps that make it easier for players to interact with their products. There are enough bookmakers in India (you can read a lot of reviews about them at In this perspective, even international resources specially tailor their services for Indians, offering deposits in Indian rupees, translating sites into Hindi and offering good bonuses and conditions for safe play and gambling.

Let’s take a closer look at the best betting sites, which are the most popular among users in the Indian market.

  • 4rabet

4rabet is a relatively new gaming platform for sports betting and online casinos, which is actively conquering the hearts of Indian customers. 4rabet welcome bonus breaks stereotypes with its unprecedented offer of 200% on the first deposit up to 20,000 rupees. The company offers one of the most generous and attractive bonuses in the Indian market and that’s a fact.

4rabet operates under license from Curacao, and its security is verified by many services. On this platform, a lot of attention is paid to the favorite sports for Indians. Here you can freely bet on cricket, football, horse racing, tennis and even kabaddi. Among the shortcomings, it is worth highlighting not the best choice of banking options, a small number of certificates and some difficulties with the interface. But these points are absolutely overshadowed by positive aspects. The site works without any problems, also it has a very high quality mobile application.

  • 10Cric

10Cric is an international online casino and sportsbook with an outstanding focus on the Indian market. This resource is one of the leading online sites. They offer a very attractive betting line with many Indian sports such as cricket, horse racing and kabaddi. In particular, it is worth saying that this platform is simply enchanting with suggestions for cricket bets, especially IPL. Users have free access to both the website and the 10Cric Mobile Betting application. Besides good sports betting features, 10Cric offers players a wide range of bonus features and promo codes.

  • 22Bet

22bet has a site design very similar to the 1xBet family due to the same software provider. As for 22-bets, there are many positive aspects, but there are also significant disadvantages. Minor issues are mainly caused by one single licensing authority, as well as reports of multiple withdrawal issues and customer support. On the positive side, 22bet offers a wide range of sports betting options, especially football and tennis. Besides, the welcome bonus is one of the main advantages of the company.

  • Unibet

Unibet is focused primarily on the huge European market, but over time, India began to attract the attention of this sportsbook. Some minor flaws negatively affect the reputation of the platform. Among these, it is worth highlighting the problems with bonuses and the customer support system, limited payment options, a lengthy process of creating an account, and most importantly, the lack of an extremely good level of attention to the Indian market. But at the same time, Unibet offers a pretty good selection of sports betting options including cricket and football, horse racing and tennis, and has decent site functionality as well. This platform provides live streaming and a user-friendly interface for the convenience of customers.

  • Dafabet

Dafabet is a popular online gambling platform that offers a good selection of online sports betting and casino games. The company is primarily focused on the Asian market. As for Dafabet, there are approximately equal numbers of positive and negative aspects. Among the disadvantages are such points as limited deposit options, software problems, the lack of an application for iPhone users, and the presence of two bookmakers that confuse customers. The positive aspects of the site are represented by a wide selection of sports betting options, the presence of large bonuses and promotions, a high focus on the Asian market, especially the Indian one.

So, there are many bookmakers on the Indian market. Indians have plenty to choose from, as different platforms offer different services for customers to suit all tastes. Among the list of the best, it is worth highlighting 4rabet. It is noteworthy that these resources are allocated with the greatest number of positive aspects.

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