Mother and Boyfriend gets 20yrs for Dumping Child in River

Saturday, December 19, 2020, 9:19 PM

Deceased child dumped in Moses River – Mother and boyfriend charged and sentenced equally for their involvement.

Just like her boyfriend Kenny Hewett received back in November 2019 because of his connection to the death of two-year-old Hazana Anderson, Tiaundra Christon was given the maximum sentence.


Little Hazana’s lifeless body was discovered at the bottom of Moses Lake on October 31st 2018, encased in a plastic bag, bounded with rope and tied to a rock, no one has been convicted of homicide.

Christon reported that her daughter went missing from her stroller in a park on the 28th of October, this initiated a wide scope search for baby Hazana. With the use of CCTV footage and witness statements, investigators uncovered the last movements of Christhon and Hazana – well what they thought was the child at first.

Suspicions arose when they found a doll clodded in the same clothing the missing child was wearing in a waste bin.

Based on the reports ascertained in a confession from Christon, Hazana died a few days before it was officially reported. This preceded the pathway in the discovery of the child’s tragic last days.

Her cadaver was inadvertently fished from the location where the dive team was led by reports from the mother. After examination by a medical professional, it was testified that the bruises located on the child’s body could not have been enough to kill her.

According to court documentation, the bruises came as a resulted of violent beating meted out by the use of a belt to the child’s legs, arms and face by Hewett.

Leading up to this, it was understood that Christon had travelled with Hazana from the College Station to Houston to visit her boyfriend where they all stayed at the Houston Downtowner Inn.

It is said that Hewett left the hotel with her daughter to get food and after thirty minutes they returned after which the tragic incident unfolded.

After the severe beating, they observed that the child was cold and unresponsive to touch, they tried increasing her body temperature by using a hair drier which proved futile.

An attempt to hide their criminal act of child abuse; the child was wrapped in plastic and transported in a car for three days before her lifeless body was eventually offloaded like garbage.

A cause of death could not be ascertained which subsequently ruled out homicide. However, it took just twenty minutes for a verdict to be reached and another forty minutes the following Tuesday for it to be determined that the maximum sentence possible will be meted out.

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