Mother and Her Son KILLED in Kingston

According to a news report by the Jamaica Star, 60 year old Everly Summerville and her son Junior ‘Little Pig’ Byfield were shot multiple times at the house they lived at on Elleston Road in Kingston. The deadly attack took place about 12:55 p.m on Saturday, May 29th.

Paul, who is also a son of Everly told the media that he was next door when the incident took place, he ran over to the house and saw his mother on the ground, her last words were “Paul, you know say me get shot”. The younger brother of Paul was also badly shot and left to die in another room of the house.


He went on to explain to the Jamaica Star that “When me run in and me see the fire under the pot, and me say Mommy, you a cook? And she only look up and say dem shoot har. Me run out a the house and try get a taxi by the time me reach him, it drive off. So a one a me brethren help me try save me mother. Him even almost crash a try save mommy,” Paul cried.

The 60 year old mother was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead while the hunger brother sadly died on the scene.

A distraught brother of Everly who appeared on the scene but declined to give his first name, outlined that his sister was his “everything” recalling the kisses and hugs she usually gives to him because they were the closest out of all the kids their mother have.

A motive has not been establish for the killings. The police are currently investigating the killings.


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