Mother Cries Out For Help, Accusing Doctors Of Withholding Medical Assistance

Thursday, June 30, 2022, 8:26 AM

A mother in dire need of medical care for her son is crying out to the public for help as she becomes wary of the health care system that she indicates is not offering much assistance other than scheduling appointments and running countless amounts of tests.

Natalee Cameron, who was first brought to the public’s attention with her months’ old son in 2018 during the Grant A Wish Programme by the National Commercial Bank (NCB), is asking for help with her son, Tahjae Stewart who has been suffering from a tumour over his left eye for almost four years.


After being nominated and shortlisted for the Grant A Wish Programme finalist, Cameron was awarded $100,000 for medication for her newborn on March 2, 2019.

According to The Gleaner, Tahjae Stewart was diagnosed with a capillary hemangioma on the lid of his left eye, forehead and the back of the brain. A capillary hemangioma is a benign tumour consisting of an abnormal overgrowth of tiny blood vessels. At the time of the diagnosis, the doctors were not able to determine if the tumour in the brain was cancerous, but if he did not receive treatment there was a possibility of losing his sight and suffering long-term brain damage.

The 2019 article further stated that the 15 months old baby had already received “major surgery, eight brain scans and countless visits to the Bustamante Hospital for Children”.

Cameron told The Gleaner that the surgeries her son did at Bustamante Hospital were free but she needed help with medication.

Three days ago, Cameron shared a post on Instagram explaining her situation of constantly going to “appointments after appointments” with no satisfactory feedback or actions to treat her son’s severe condition.

“I’m tired of Bustamante hospital for children!!!!” she said.

According to the post, she received MRI SCAN results on Tuesday showing that her son’s illness is worsening and is “spreading in the orbit and heading to his brain. Nevertheless, she was given an appointment for the next 3 months and during that three months time frame, the hospital will contact a radiologist from another health facility and then get back in touch with her.

“Its been like that scans after scan, bleeding after bleeding and infections after infection and nothings been done, I need them to correct what they did to my child in 2018 that causes some teams of doctors to refuse to be a part of any surgery with my child,” she added.

She claimed afterwards that the medical team who are required to be part of the surgery do not want to be involved. She continued to say that she is tired of watching her son suffer as his illness prevents him from going to school and it also prevents her from working because of his many appointments.

While she added that she did not wish to get the facility in trouble, she continued saying the hospital did not show signs of caring about her son and she needs them to do what is required of them.

On September 5 her son will be turning 5 years old and Cameron, who said she is tired of crying, indicated that she gave the hospital several years to assist her son and nothing has happened.

National Commercial Bank’s Senior Marketing Officer Roland Henry (centre) and NCB Foundation Acting Programmes Administrator Simone Barnes (right) smile for the camera after presenting Natalee Cameron with$100,000 towards medication for baby Tahjae Stewart, as part of the bank’s signature charitable programme Grant A Wish in 2019.

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