Ziddy’s Mother Claims His Father Is A ‘Deadbeat Dad’ And Is Now Only Interested In His Money

Monday, June 13, 2022, 11:38 AM

The mother of social media sensation and budding Dancehall deejay, Ziddy went on video to reveal some shocking details about her children’s father.

In the video, she shared that she has two children with the father of Ziddon DeZouza otherwise known as Ziddy being the eldest and a daughter she referred to as Angelina. She detailed that the father was not present in either children’s life, which ultimately made her become a single parent.


Furthermore, the young woman disclosed that the character that their father is now portraying in the media is not a true representation of himself.

“Yuh no mind Ziddon and yuh no mind Angelina. Yuh dont know nothing bout dat likkle girl yah, yuh daughter, yuh first daughter, yuh first son,” the mother said.

The mother then accused the father of now only being interested in Ziddy’s life because of the popularity and money he is getting.

“But cause a money yuh run come and a mek it look as if seh me issa bad mother” she said.

In the past, Ziddy’s father who introduced himself as Richard DeZouza made an emotional plea on video proclaiming his love for his son and also declaring that he only wants him by his side. He also claimed that Ziddy’s caretakers were only using him to get money and mentioned that he has not benefited from any of his son’s earnings.

Watch the video of the mother talking about Ziddy’s father below:

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