Baby Mother Explains Why She Stabbed Her Baby Father; Charged With Unlawful Wounding

June 4, 2022

The baby mother whose video went viral while in a heated exchange with her baby father about child custody, went on Instagram Live to tell her side of the story and to explain why she stabbed him in the neck.

Soon after circulation, both persons were identified to be 28-year-old Chanelle Freckleton and 34-year-old Keishaun-McGyver Porter.


On the Live, Chanelle shared that she is a concerned parent who discovered that every time her 3-year-old daughter would visit her father, she would return with blood in her underwear. She indicated that this happened on numerous occasions.

“Me as a mother now and si seh my child getting molested, weh mi fi do?” she stated.

The young woman claims that this is the reason that prompted her to go to the home of the child’s grandmother, which is where the child would usually stay whenever the dad visits. She added that she did not go there for any confrontation, as she assumed that he was not at the house on that particular day.

“Yes I stabbed him, I stabbed my baby father. I stabbed him out of panic and fear after he elbowed me in my belly,” she confirmed.

Chanelle continued by declaring that several reports were made to the police as well as numerous attempts made to impose a restraining order, however, was advised that it would coincide with her case for child custody, which would not be in her best interest. She then alluded that the matter is currently under investigation.

Meanwhile, according to reports, a police source confirmed that the claims of Chanelle making numerous reports about her child being molested were false.


The incident was also reported to the police on May 28 and she is set to appear in the St. Catherine Parish Court on June 29 to answer to the charge of unlawful wounding.

Chanelle’s recorded Instagram Live can be watched below:

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