Argument Over Child Custody Leads To Baby Mother Stabbing Baby Father In The Neck

Thursday, June 2, 2022, 7:00 PM

A video is circulating in the media which shows a violent interaction between a woman and a man in an argument over the custody of their child, which ultimately leaves the man nursing a stab wound to the neck.

During the 2:04 second footage, three persons are shown with one apparently being the man’s mother who is occasionally drawn into the mix.


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The baby mother who is called ‘Shinell’ could be heard begging the man’s mother, ‘Ms. Porter’ to understand her plight from a mother’s perspective, as to how she would feel to know that the baby father and her son, referred to as ‘Keshaun’ is going through the court to take her child away from her.

Further on in the video, she expressed that during childbirth, she endured the pain of getting a C-Section alone while the baby’s father was elsewhere having sex. She also stated that she believes her child is in danger with the father and indicated that she has a video with him “a back dung him fist a watch all sort a nastiness”.

“Ms. Porter yuh get weh mi a seh to yuh as a mother?” She added “When mi a have the baby Kishawn deh down a island dreams a sex, so why it right fi me lay down a tek the cut and den yuh try fi tek my baby from me?”

The mother who seemed confused about the situation did not say much, however, responds by asking the question “These things in the court right, all a weh unu a talk bout in the court right?”.

At this moment, ‘Keshaun’ starts to demand that the young woman leaves his mother’s home, however, within seconds, the video is positioned to show ‘Shinell’ running through the gates with a sharp object resembling a knife in her hand while blood runs down the young man’s neck.

The video ended abruptly with ‘Keshaun’ calmly saying to his mother “mommy a stab she stab mi ina me neck, mi haffi go a hospital now, relax mommy, relax, relax”.

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Watch the video below:

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