Ziddy Talks Out About His Father

Social media sensation Ziddy has decided to set the record straight regarding the controversy surrounding his father.

The social media comedian and emerging deejay posted a video on his Instagram account expressing his feelings about his father.

In the video posted Monday, the young deejay explained that he is going through a lot of things, and the stress of it all has made him pass out three times. He explained that his father is following the wrong group of men and described his father’s actions as “fucked up”. The young deejay also said that he needed to put his father “behind bars” because he was “tired of this”.

Ziddy, born Ziddon DeZouza, went on to detail that he is seeking help from his fans to better himself. He added that he is talented, and the person managing him is doing a good job at it. He told his fans that he would be closing his GoFundMe page, but he would be opening another page that his father couldn’t access. He emphasized that the money that his fans send is his hence his father can’t have it.

Lastly, Ziddon noted he is 19-year-old, which meant he could do whatever he wanted and no one could control him.

Ziddy’s video came as a response to a video that was circulating a few days ago on the internet showing his father. In the video, which began with an introduction from officer Lee, the father announced himself as Richard DeZouza and revealed that he is stressed. He broke down crying in the video as he expressed that he isn’t getting any help while people are assuming that he is also being aided.

DeZouza added that Ziddy’s current caretakers were using his son to get money from a GoFundMe page with misleading information about the death of his grandmother. He mentioned that the caretakers of Ziddy have his legal documents, and he is unable to recover them.

Driven by pain, his father had to break to catch his breath as he cried over the situation he was in. DeZouza explained that he only wanted his son by his side.


He also accused Ziddy’s manager/caretaker of always withholding money and lying about the house that Ziddon lives in. According to his statements, the luxurious house that was posted on social media was false and the actual house that the teenager lives in is a “likkle old house”. He described the furniture, including the bed, being old and the wooden floors covered with torn linoleum.

He went on to say his son is loving and kind, but Ziddon is being used. DeZouza said the person behind it all is misleading persons into thinking that both Ziddy and his father are being properly cared for.

Following the video, Ziddy posted Monday morning, another video surfaced on social media not long after showing Ziddy and his father hugging. In the reunited video, Ziddy is wearing the same shirt he had in his first video. This clearly shows that both videos were made on the same day. As the two reconciled, his father expressed his love for Ziddy and told him that he wanted him by his side.

Ziddy’s first video has since been deleted from his account.

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