Jamaican Woman Confesses To Pastor About Sleeping With Her Step Father

Thursday, December 30, 2021, 5:17 PM

The most mind-boggling stories can sometimes be found on the Dear Pastor Tabloid, and one particular story made it this week that certainly needs highlighting. 

It is the story of an issue a 24-year-old woman is currently facing that sees her living at home with her mother, two brothers, and her Step Father but while you may think that the issue might be domestic, I beg you to hold your horses as it goes deeper than that as the female has reported to the columnist that her mother’s partner was the person who took her virginity when she was 18.


At that time the female said she had promised not to tell anyone as he was a good Stepfather who would treat her well, so she decided to keep the matter between them. She went on to make mention that whenever she would ask her mother for money she would not get it; however, her Step Father was not one to say no to her as he always gave her, and even when he does not have it he would give her when he gets paid.

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Where her real father is concerned the woman says she does not know him and inquired about him when she was 8 years old, however, she said her mother did not tell her much and was clueless as it relates to finding him. She went on with the story to make it known that when she was 17 years of age she got a boyfriend however, they did not start having sex. 

Going further the female said that she always used to get things from her Step Dad as he was a frequent traveller and would usually buy nice things for her and as such her affections grew for him. In respect to the strength of love she feels for her Step-Father, the female said that she does not like the times her mother would rough him up.

Two years ago, the female said she met her current boyfriend who got a child by an older woman however, she has explained to the columnist that it is something she looked past but still has sex with her Step Father, even though not often.

She explained to Dear Pastor that her Step Dad always commend her on her beauty, and oftentimes tells her that he hopes that her boyfriend takes good care of her.  The big issue, however, is the fact that the female has expressed that she does not love her boyfriend as much as her Step Father, and he wants her to get pregnant, but she is on contraceptive pills which her partner does not know about.

This situation is filled with much drama, and just by reading through, we can understand that there might just be a high possibility that things like this happen every day since there are so many single mothers that eventually end up with partners other than their child’s or children’s father.

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