Woman Says She Is Pregnant With Landlord’s Child

Relationship issues continue to plague the regular people and Dear Pastor’s column in the Jamaica Star has always been a conduit in conveying those stories to people who love the drama. Recently, the columnist shared a story with a woman who expressed her confusion, as she is currently pregnant with her landlord’s child.

According to the woman, she moved into the house with the man’s wife and son and has reported that she has been having a sexual relationship with him for months. She said that happened because the man wanted her to be close to him and so he moved her into the house, however, the wife and the son have been under the impression that the woman is a tenant.


According to the woman, each time the son and the woman leaves the house she and the man have sex which she claims happens everywhere in the house including the Kitchen. The news of the pregnancy based on what the woman told the columnist, happened recently and she said when the man was informed of the circumstance he got upset and told her to abort the pregnancy.

The woman says that the wife of the man is unaware of what is going on, however, she stated that the son knows but refuses to speak about it. It seems as if the drama does not even stop at the woman being pregnant, but she also stated that the wife might be having an affair with a neighbour due to how friendly the two are.

The woman also said that the man also has an affair with his son’s 18-year-old friend, which even makes his situation even more complex. The woman says she refuses to abort the child, as it would be her first. What would you do in such a scenario? Comment your answers on our social media page.

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