Mother Gets Into Heated Argument With Student About Bullying Her Daughter – Watch Video

A parent and a female student were seen arguing in a short video that surfaced of them standing in what seems to be a KFC fast-food restaurant. The mother was angrily warning the student against bullying her daughter, who seemingly was also standing not too far away. The student, who was involved in the confrontation, stood at a stable with her fellow schoolmates, and they, including the other girl, all wore the same lavender and white uniform. 

During the confrontation, the mother explicitly called the student a “s**k c**ky dog sh*t,” to which the student replied, “Yeah, just like yuh daughter.” Her response made the mother approach her even closer while arguing. After uttering more obscenities, the mother warned the girl that if she dared to jostle her child again, the repercussions would be severe. The mother left shortly after issuing her warning, and the students continued talking and laughing.

Watch the video of the incident below:

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