Mother Hangs her Children After having Sex with Dog in Pennsylvania

Snyder claimed the children committed suicide; in police interviews, Snyder said her son was being bullied at school and wanted to die, District Attorney John Adams said.

However, witnesses said the children almost never played in the basement. Snyder could be facing the death penalty if she is found guilty and the evidence is causing her to look that way more and more.


The Google records on her computer showed she searched for “Carbon monoxide in a car, how long to die”; “hanging yourself”; does a hybrid car produce carbon monoxide” and “Almost got away with it, best episodes”. She also visited sides that had information about suicide methods.

She also visited sites that gave instructions for suicide and how to hang a person.
She also got the metal dog cable at Walmart that the children were found hanging from. The prosecutor revealed.

The incident has left the citizens in Albany very sad as one of the children was 8-year-old.
There are reports that stated, the children were in State care in 2014 and they went back to her in 2015.

Snyder is being held without bail now.

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