Mother Loses 2nd baby at Kingston Hospital

Thursday, January 10, 2019, 10:01 PM

A mother is currently mourning the lost of her second child but this time it’s not by death. 39 year old Suzette Whyte is left in disbelieve after her young baby was taken while she went to have a shower at Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston on Wednesday.

“Mi have a rough pregnancy because mi have pressure problem and mi vomit a lot. Everyone did a tell mi not to go back for another child because mi next baby dead in 2017 because mi have pressure problem and preeclampsia. Everybody including mi madda, a ask if mi really go back, but mi tell her say mi did want a next baby, and now dem teef him.
Mi don’t even know myself right now,”


“When mi wake the nurses were already doing their rounds on the ward, but dem never reach down on my side yet. Mi even hear dem a bathe a lady on the next side. Mi realise say mi clothes nasty up, and because the baby a sleep, mi say mi a go bathe before the nurse dem reach me,” Whyte stated.

The baby went missing about 9 hours after birth.

The tourn mother also went on to state that “The place never dead or anything because mi could even hear some of the other mothers a make noise. When mi a hurry go bathe, mi see a lady at the window with a head band round her head and she have natural hair, so mi tink a one a di mother dem cause mi nuh expect any visitor to be on the ward at dat hours,”

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