Wednesday, June 3, 2020, 6:21 PM GMT-5

It is an undisputed fact that a selfless mother will go any length to keep her kids alive. This is the case of Marlene Cushnie, who died of a third-degree burn on May 26. She received a third-degree burn to 95% of her body after she made the bold move to rescue her children in the burning house.

One of her daughters, Shantel brown, said their mom was in the yard when the bad incident occurred. She was outside speaking with her mother when she got the bad news of smoke coming from her house. Marlene didn’t know her children have made their way out of the house. The calling “mommy,” which she was hearing from her 10-year-old child, is what made her enter the house to look for them.

While she was inside searching for her kids, a gas cylinder explosion occurred. She came out of the fire talking good, responded to treatment at the Mandeville hospital. One of the doctors said they would need to put a tube n her longs so she can communicate with us.

Marlene was placed in the ICU before she gave up the ghost on Sunday morning at the ICU.

Her kids said, there is nothing their single mother couldn’t do for them, and she works extremely hard to make them happy.

Aside from mourning the loss, Brown and her siblings have other major challenges because they are displaced. The family is welcoming donations to rebuild the family home.

If you cannot donate, you can contact Marlene’s daughters at 876-373-7133 or 876-566-2141. A GoFundMe account was also created for the deceased called Help for Marlene.

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