Mother Of Beaten 4 Year Old Finally Speaks Out – Video

More information concerning the death of 4-year-old Nashaun Brown, who was beaten badly and died shortly after has been released after Tvj news spoke to the mother of the deceased child. According to the mother who withheld her name for public safety, the incident took place a few days after moving to Willowdene close to Spanish Town, to live with her accused boyfriend 24-year-old, Shaun Bennett.

The mother of the child stated that the child lost his appetite due to what might have been a case of gas, which she tried to address by boiling him tea as the little boy said he had felt sick for a few days, however, the child was eating slowly when food was given to him.

The distressed mother said it was at that time, the stepfather decided he would intervene by getting a stick to whip the child to eat; however, Nashaun’s mom said she told him if he attempted to beat the child with the whip their relationship would end, but the man proceeded to do so.

The woman then reported that the man kept on beating her son for over 2 hours, which she tried to stop but got injured in the process.

It was after the beating, that she said that the child then went to the bathroom where the stepfather followed him, only for her to realize her son was having a seizure soon after, which eventually led him to become non-responsive.

Being very hurt about the situation, the mother of Nashaun said she hoped she could have raised her son until he became an adult. Because Nashaun did not have a Father, his mom thought it would have been the best decision to move in with Shaun Bennett at Willowdene.

The stepfather of the child was eventually taken into custody where he was charged with “unlawful wounding, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, cruelty to a child and child abuse.”

At this time the mother of the deceased youngster is currently homeless and will need to take care of the child’s burial all by herself however, anyone willing to assist can reach out to her at 876-460-8657 or 876-210-5423.

One person who watched the interview with eh mother commented, “It is terrible, as horrible as I feel for her, she is guilty of allowing this monster in her child’s life.” while another said, “You failed him!! when there is smoke, fire is brewing and you knew he was abusing the child. Leave !Leave! Women protect your children.”.

Check out the News report below.

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