Mother of Portmore Murder Victim Living in a Nightmare… Here’s Why

Friday, February 19, 2021, 2:08 AM GMT-5

On Monday morning when Marvia Allison called her sister because she saw the police tape and glimpsed what she thought were bodies in the open lot close to where she lived in Portmore, St Catherine.

She didn’t know that soon she would be living her worst nightmare, as one of the bodies was her only daughter, 19-year-old Rahima Edwards.

She went to the Coronation Market because she didn’t know it was her child, but she remembered calling Rahima’s phone and not getting her but she knew she had left her charger at home. When she didn’t come home the night, she thought she was spending the night out because it was Valentine’s Day.

Edwards, who was a first-year business student who attended the University of Technology was found in an open lot close by Dawkins Drive, she was lying there along with her boyfriend, the jumps coach at Calabar High School 38-year-old Nicholas Neufville,

Alison was with Rahima’s older brother Andre, when she said they are now in utter disbelief. Edwards was the life of the household, they stated that it was after they got to their business place in St Andrew that the sister gave disclosed the devastating news.

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Passed Her own daughter

Alison realized that the crime scene that she passed was her daughter’s, and she was so devastated that she remembers throwing away the phone and running from the front to the back of her home, before she lost her memory.

She can’t believe she passed her baby laying down. She only remembers the previous Sunday when her daughter was in a good mood. She dressed in a black outfit and then she changed into a jeans skirt and a white top. She remembered how she spun around and admired herself and then she left the house in a car that was at the gate waiting for her.

Alison knew her daughter did not have any other boyfriend apart from Neufville and she met him before, her best friends can attest to this also. She was always on the phone with him, there is no one else that she knows about. They have been together for over a year, so it is not what people are saying, making it seem like she was just a young girl who wanted a big man to get his money.

Andre added that his sister saved her money. She worked from Monday to Saturday and if she worked on a Saturday, their father had to pay her, she was all about doing business. Selling household products and she also had plans to expand her business.

Rahima was dependable and didn’t have time for fun, it was all about school and the family’s business. When she operated her chemical business she kept receipts and wrote down everything that she sold. She wasn’t short of anything, the family members stated.

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