Mother of Three Living in Fowl Coop Longs for a Fresh Start in a New Home – Watch Video

Friday, November 4, 2022, 8:12 PM GMT-5

With nowhere else to turn, mother of three Amoya McLeish had to live in a reconstructed fowl coop with her children. But after the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) warned her that the children would be removed if they remained in the structure, she sent them to her sister, and McLeish longs to be reunited with them under the same roof.

Recounting her story to the Jamaica Star in a recent interview, McLeish explained that she was previously living in a rented home but had to leave as her landlord wanted to renovate and sell the house. Left with no other option, the Oxford, Manchester, resident asked her sister if she could store her belongings in an old fowl coop, but eventually began to reside there.


McLeish reconstructed the structure as best she could, adding old boards to the front of the coop to keep out some of the wind and curtains at the sides and back to cover the remaining mesh wire walls. According to the 29-year-old, the money she made while working as a bartender was not enough to cover her children’s necessities and pay the high rents that many landlords are now requesting.

McLeish’s former employer, Charlyn Hooke, described the young mother as a hard worker who was willing to do anything to provide for her family. Hooke urged the public not to take the situation at face value and assume that McLeish is an idle individual.

“The situation that Moya is in right now is not what was meant to be or what she really want to happen,” Hooke stated.

Wiping away her tears, McLeish was overcome with emotions as she shared that her son is now embarrassed by her. “Yesterday was my son PTA, and he told me that I should not come around there because mi embarrass him,” McLeish said.

McLeish has received help from charity vlogger Anna from the Blessings Have To Flow vlog, who has begun constructing a one-bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen home for the mother. Due to a lack of funds, work on the house has ceased, and McLeish is imploring members of the public for their assistance.

Watch video below.

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