Mother Researched Ways To Kill Before Strangling Her 3 Kids

Wednesday, October 25, 2023, 9:58 AM

A gruesome triple murder of three children committed by a mother is said to have taken place after she researched “ways to kill” online. Lindsay Clancy from Massachusetts, United States, reportedly sought different ways to murder her two young children and a baby, according to the recently released search warrant affidavits.



The court documents reportedly detailed that Clancy used her tablet, cell phone, and journal to record her “mental state,” her feelings for her children, and also track her medication. It was within these records that research information on different ways to kill was discovered. She also documented having suicidal thoughts.

One affidavit stated that, given the information found, it “is reasonable to conclude that Ms. Clancy would have used all formats and tools available to her.”

Clancey, a delivery nurse by profession, reportedly strangled her 5-year-old, Cora, her 3-year-old, Dawson, and her 8-month-old baby, Callan, with exercise ropes. Clancy, who is married, committed the horrid crime at their Duxbury home on January 24.

After killing her children, Clancy tried to kill herself by jumping out a second-story window. Clancy, who survived, has since been in a medical facility, but a new arraignment in Plymouth Superior Court is scheduled for Thursday.

According to the New York Post, Clancy’s attorney said she suffered from postpartum psychosis.
While Clancy’s legal team maintained that her actions were caused by her mental health problems and excessive prescription psychiatric medications, the prosecution claimed that Clancy plotted murder.

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