Mother Seeks to Clear Son’s Name – While 8yo Rapist is Still on the Run

Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 6:20 PM

After an 8-year-old girl was abducted and raped in St Thomas, a woman’s son’s name was mentioned by community members, she was seeking to clear his name even when he was at large. Albertine Graham spoke about her 27-year-old son who is mentally challenged after he was rescued by the Yallahs police and taken into custody following a severe beating.

The accused spent close to 3 weeks in lock-up before he was released after an identity parade was done and he was not identified as the perpetrator.


The family members who were very distraught remembered seeing the accused at home and based on the time when the rape happened, they knew it couldn’t be him.

When 2 cars that were filled with people went to his house for him and they were told that it couldn’t be him. He was chased and beaten with many weapons, they even wanted to drop a big stone on his head, but a friend tried to stop that from happening. 

The accused was left with chop wounds in his face and the back of his head and his mother is saying people should not embrace jungle justice because of the incident, her innocent son was linked to. The real rapist is left to rape again because the people didn’t allow the police to do their job.

Albertine Graham said she believes in prayer and she was praying to God throughout the time when her son went through the trauma. The family is hoping the young man’s name can be cleared now that the police released him. They still want the rapist to be found so the 8-year-old can see justice done on her behalf.

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