Mother Talks on Her 12YO Son Committing Suicide in St. James After His Phone was Confiscated – Listen Interview

A mother grieving the death of her 12-year-old son provided insight into her son’s final moments before he committed suicide. Her son, Quemoy Clayton, from Granville in Montego Bay, St. James, was found hanging from an ackee tree on Saturday afternoon.

The seventh-grader from Anchovy High School was pronounced dead after arriving at Cornwall Regional Hospital. His mother, popularly known as Ann, expressed that on the day of his death, she confiscated her son’s phone in the morning to ensure that he completed his daily chores.

Later in the day, Ann threatened that she may not return his phone on the day. “He was right there, and mi tell him, ‘yuh nah get nuh phone. Yuh might nuh get nuh phone fi di rest a di day,'” she told vlogger PopEye NewzLynx during a call.

According to the distraught mother, she intended to return the phone to him after she had taken a shower. However, she said, when she was about to give her son the phone, she saw his body hanging from a tree.

“Him nu do it fi spite enuh, him nuh do nuting fi spite,” she continued, indicating that his intentions might have been an innocent prank that turned fatal.

“Him couldn’t do this to me. Him know seh mi love him. Him have one crocs and him climb up pan di something fi go up pan di tree, maybe a slip it slip,” she added.

Ann, who operates a cookshop in an area of Montego Bay bus park, stated that her son found the rope on the road and carried it home.

Additionally, she noted that her son loves his smartphone and is often attached to his device, which he plays games on. The mother indicated that her son, who is also known as ‘Stucky’, saved through Pardner and bought the phone around a month ago.

The mother of three described her son as a “jovial,” playful, and helpful person, who was also “ignorant.” She mentioned that, aside from Quemoy, her only son, she has two daughters.

Listen to the interview with the mother below:

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