Mother talks on Her 17yo Daughter being Beaten at a Party and left in a Coma – Video

“We need Kaylan to wake up” states a distraught mother who went on to explain what lead to her daughter being in an unresponsive state in the hospital with little hope of ever waking up again.

The mother who outlines that she needs justice for her daughter Kaylan Dowdie explains her daughter was attacked by at least six different females and was at one point hit in the head repeatedly by a hennessy bottle.


According to the mother her daughter has been in the ICU at the hospital for multiple days now “The doctor says he gives her 4 points out of 10 for survival” the upset mother outlines that the doctor did not say 50/50 because her chances are less than 50/50.

Kaylan’s mother detailed that she was told by the doctor that Jamaica does not have the right machines to do the right testing to find out what is going on in her brain and as a result, we just of to wait.

Currently her only option other from wait is to take her daughter overseas for better medical care.

“i need your strength right now.. please help me pray… she shall not die” says her mother who also stated that she has 6 weeks on the machine and if she does not wake up with the next 6 weeks the plug will be pulled.

Watch the entire video that was posted by the mother detailing what started the fight and her opinion on the matter below.

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