Motorcyclist Says He Was Shot on Golden Grove Toll Road by Unidentified Police

Sunday, August 7, 2022, 7:16 PM GMT-5

In what can be described as a strange series of events, a male motorcyclist reports that he was shot by police for unknown reasons. Kevin Howell, a tennis coach from Claremont, St Ann, is currently unable to stand after being shot in the back on the Golden Grove Toll in St Ann last Sunday.

Explaining how he feels, he said he is currently unable to lift his “hand up in the air, much less swing a tennis racket”.


Mr Howell told that he was travelling on a motorcycle at about 5:30 p.m. from his work at Mystic Ridge Resort when he saw two policemen standing on a section of the Golden Grove Toll. The policemen were standing on opposite sides of the road, and one of the officers suddenly fired his weapon at Mr Howell. Mr Howell said he was unaware of the open gunshot wound in his back until he pulled over at the nearest gas station.

Upon realising that he was hit, Mr Howell said he sought information regarding the alleged policemen at Claremont Police Station, which is where he collapsed outside after travelling 30 minutes with a punctured lung.

He was then transported to the St. Ann’s Bay Hospital for medical treatment and is now suffering from 4 broken ribs and a punctured lung, which has left him unable to work.

Despite his efforts to gather information about the police personnel, Mr Howell indicated that he was now at a dead end because he was told that there were no reports of any officers being assigned to the toll at the time of the incident.

“At first we thought it was men dressed as cops, but we come to the realization they were actually cops, because other people passed and saw them there at the same time, so it wasn’t only me that passed and saw them,” Mr Howell said.

Mr Howell, who was released from the hospital yesterday but remains bedridden, further explained that he spoke to the police regarding the incident.

“I have had several officers come to speak to me, and they are trying to say that nobody was assigned to the toll,” he added.

He said he hoped to get some answers and would like to know if reports are not made by officers when they discharge their guns. Confident that the toll must be equipped with cameras, he questions why steps are not being taken to utilise the cameras to identify the service vehicle that the alleged policemen were using.

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