MP Natalie Neita Garvey Walks Off Ribbon Cutting Ceremony That Involves PM Holness – Watch Video

Natalie Neita Garvey, Member of Parliament for North Central St. Catherine (a People’s National Party representative) walked away from the ribbon-cutting ceremony being held in celebration of a male member in her constituency becoming a new homeowner.

The MP was visibly upset when she left the formalities behind.


Kingston-based Broadcast Journalist Abka Fitz-Henley posted the video of the ordeal to his official Twitter page, and it has been garnering many comments from displeased citizens.

Although some people inferred that the MP was addressing the Prime Minister, who was standing a little behind her, and stated, “no matter what disagreement she has that’s not how you talk to the Prime Minister of your country then when we see children behave like this can we blame music alone,” the direction in which Garvey is facing coupled with the direction of her gestures, concludes that her ire was directed at the individual to the far right in the white shirt.

The counselor in question above would be Councillor Peter Abrahams (Jamaica Labour Party member), in charge of the Bog Walk, St. Catherine Division.

In the two short clips shown, Garvey can be seen pointing at Abrahams and in a vexed manner uttering, “a not taking nuh picture wid you innah it.” The reason for her discountenance is yet to be discerned from the footage that was acquired. However, many believe that the situation could have been handled differently.

An individual stated, “What a disgrace on her part. good thing she never go in the picture her face look sour,” while another pointed out, “This is NOT how you teach children to handle conflict đŸ˜‘.”

Look at some other comments below:

Watch the videos below:

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