Woman Gives Details On Gunmen Killing Her Boyfriend and Fire That Killed Her Daughter in St Catherine – Listen Audio

Friday, September 16, 2022, 1:51 PM

A distraught mother witnessed her boyfriend being shot and her 2-year-old daughter being trapped in their burning house early this morning when armed men attacked their Horizon Park home in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

The woman’s boyfriend and her child were killed in the arson attack following a home invasion. The mother recounted the horror she managed to escape when gunmen, posing as policemen, started banging on the door. According to the Jamaica Star, gunmen went to the house around 4:30 this morning and forced themselves inside. Upon gaining entrance, the armed men opened fire on the male occupant before setting the house ablaze and fleeing the scene.


“Dem come and knock pan di door and seh a police and mi tell him don’t open di door cause dat nuh sound like police,” she recalled, her voice strained as she cried. Following this, the attackers threw an object, broke the window and entered the house. Her boyfriend subsequently ran into a room to close the door while she grabbed her daughter and hid in a spot behind a mattress. 

The attackers entered the room and shot her boyfriend in his belly, but he fought back. She added that they all started shooting at him repeatedly until their guns were empty. She explained that she began to smell smoke after the armed men entered another room. She tried to escape with her daughter, but the child fell from her arms behind a fridge.

“She drop out a mi hand, and mi run go out a door fi catch breath and come back in. Mi come back in, and mi hear she a bawl mommy, and mi couldn’t see har,” she explained. The woman said she jumped her mother’s fence and went to her mom’s house, but her mother was not at home. Additional information states that the residents reportedly heard a lot of gunfire. The police and firefighters responded to the alert, which led to the discovery of the man and child’s charred remains.

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