Mr. Vegas Blasted Ghanaian President Over $100 million Church

Mr. Vegas the controversial dancehall artiste blasted the Ghanaian President over what he speaks about as “foolish spending”.

Nana Akufo Addo the Ghanaian President recently approved the construction of a church in his country, that will cost $100 million?


However, President Nana Addo is building the Cathedral for his God “Jesus Christ” who he thanks for helping him to win the 2016 election, while Mr. Vegas is bringing it to the attention of his Instagram followers.

“I want to bring something to your attention … President Nana Addo is building a $100 million cathedral dedicating it to his God, “Jesus Christ, that gave him victory in the 2016 election.” He wrote.

The dancehall artiste believes the President should build a historical museum, where people who were taken out of Africa and Africans who are still there can go and learn about black history and all that was stolen from Africa.

Many of his Ghanaian fans commented on the post as the debate went on, on Instagram. Some of them agree with the President’s decision and some don’t.

One fan even said the “Heads High” artiste should “worry about Jamaica. Nana is a great man. U have no business talking about Ghana.”

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