Controversial dancehall artiste Mr Vegas, who had a drama-filled 2018, says that he’s working on himself both spiritually and mentally, and that he will be reducing his intense social media presence, which he admits that in recent times has overshadowed his music.
He went on to state that

“I need to have a balance so that the music does not die. Music is my first priority, so you will all be seeing less of me.”


Said to vocal dancehall artiste, who has made a name for himself in the social media world as a blogger of some sorts.

Recently, the Bruk it down DJ, threw out a question to his followers, asking them to tell him whether or not he should continue with his weekly discourse on various topics, among them his pet peeve, Christianity, or if he should just concentrate on his music.

In an interview last Monday, Mr Vegas said that most his followers have encountered him to continue speaking his truth.

“Of course. I will not stop completely, because I believe that I was specially given this opportunity to do this at this particular time. I am going continue to let the truth be heard because I cannot compromise,” he added.

Vegas, who has dabbled with Christianity at various points in his career, said that it was at the end of 2017 that he fully cane out of the Church and has to work very hard to win back his fans and to a certain extent, his fame.

“The shows had dried up and many of my fans had left, so the early part of 2018 was spent rebuilding,”


he explained, while dismissing suggestions that he left the church because dis coffers were not being filled. Admitting that he ended 2018 much better than how he started, Vegas, who is still basking in the glory of his much-talked-about debut Rebel Salute performance, said that 2019 will be one of his best years to come.


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