Mr. Vegas Says PM Holness Should not Re-Open Churches

Jamaican entertainer Mr. Vegas is requesting that Jamaica’s PM Andrew Holness not re-open the churches in Jamaica, stating that churches are not as import as other things that must be done.

“doh open the church mister Prime Minister… ” Vegas suggests that Holness should open the schools instead, he argued that even dancehall should be open before churches are open because the churches will spread the coronavirus faster, he continued stating that Jamaican Christians cannot be contained when they get into spirit and “start spit”.


“Di Holy ghost ago have them all over each other” Mr. Vegas suggests.

Mr. Vegas who is known to speak out against Christian believes went further to say “so far the faith nah work.. nuh healer nuh heal nuh body” Vegas states that only doctors and scientists are working to stop the virus right now.

“di church can wait till all next year… if dance can lock off till the thing contain, church can lock off too bossy”, ” why the church cah wait?” he asks.

May 17 is the set day for all churches to be re-open in Jamaica.

Vegas states that he is overseas and would love to return to Jamaica but he can’t because he dont want to be quarantined for 14days, he incites that Holness should help Jamaicans overseas wanting to return first before reopening churches.

watch his video below

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